Updating list of things with backend workflow


I am new in Bubble, although I have made my research I am not being able to find a solution for this:

I have list of bookings ( big list ) that has a date for their activity to happen.

Parallel i have a list of groups for each service date, means that these bookings all belong to groups, that have codes.

I am trying to use a API workflow to search for the booking and associate it to a group code by searching for the service date, which the filed that they have in common.

But I am not being able o find a way to add the group to the booking in the end.
I may not be thinking the right way…

Is there any easier way to do this in bulk?

Fild types:

Service dates are dates in both lists
Group is a data type by itself that I want to link to each booking

I may be misunderstanding but it seems like you want to run an API WF on each item in the list and in that WF link the records.

Please be more specific in your query!
Another thing if you makin booking a list of things and if it is more than 30 items make it a seprate datatype to improve overall performance and decrease database complexity.

This is correct.

I need the WF to run trough all the Bookings on the list and add to each Booking a Group ref. The group ref must be found comparing the dates of service of each: Bookings and groups and when it matches it needs to link that Group to that Booking.

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