Updating Live version

When I click Update to Live, I get his dialog box: Deploy to Live.

  1. What am I suppose to put here? Is this a note as to what was changed? Sort of like version management?
  2. Also when I do an deploy to live, are only the pages getting updated or the update also includes the database as well?

Put whatever you want, but yes, it’s basically version management. No data from your dev database will move to live unless you manually migrate that data. But if you have added new database fields, then those will now be available to use in your live app. (ie. you added the name field to user objects.)

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Am a little queasy about changes since the word “destructive” keeps coming up. Thanks for the advice.
So to update the app (sans the data), I just have to do this one step, Deploy to Live?

Yes, that will update the live version of the app to match the development version.