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I’m creating a directory app and within the app I have the User data type where I store the mandatory data and then a different data type for info relevant to what the client does which is working fine but I’m getting stuck if client wants to edit their profile and change some details.

To change the details that’s saved under the user data type is quite straight forward but for some reason I cant get the data under the second data type to change when client edits profile.

I have tried updating user details in the workflow but cant seem to find the fields and even by calling the fields I get an error, I then tried changing a list of things as well but also doesn’t work.

What am I missing here?


Show your DB setup. How User and Financial Advisors are connected?


I created a relationship between user and FA data types and vise versa

I see, so did you put a constraint user = current user in your search for financial advisers to change?

Tried that as well and a couple of other user options. I feel like its something very obvious I’m missing or I need to restructure the whole signing up process.


You don’t need any other constraints in the search, just user = current user. But now you are also adding searc constraints from inputs.
Also, why are you using make changes to a list if things instead of make a change to a thing? Are you going to change multiple users?

Let me just take a step back.

The below is the signup process, first screen saves to user type and then the popup saves to Financial_adviser data type. After client submitted the popup client gets navigated to the profile page but I only seem to get the data for the users data type, the data from advisers are saved into the FA data type but I cant display it in the clients profile, somewhere Im missing this link.

What are you doing here is making a search for Financial Advisers where user = current user and other fields are equal to inputs values. Are you sure you need to do this? Why do you need to use any other search constraint except user?

Thank you for the assistance

The above advice assisted me with sorting out a couple of issues.

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