Help Updating Data Type Entry


I’m having trouble updating my database. Pls see context below.

  • When a user signs up, a new user entry is created. That user is then prompted to complete on onboarding survey that consists of 8 steps. The questions in the onboarding survey make up the user’s profile (a separate data type).
  • When the user clicks the “Continue” button in the first step, a new profile is created. This works fine.
  • I would like for the user to be able to update their profile when they click continue in the subsequent steps. I used the make changes to workflow per the attached image, but it’s not working. I think the issue is that the “thing to change” is “Current User’s User’s Dietitian Profile.” I think this is a problem because even though there’s a specific user, it’s not yet connected to the specific user’s profile. I have a field in the “User” data type called “profile”, but I’m not sure how to connect the two during onboarding and whether doing this would solve the issue.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Hi there, @antonia.hyman… if I understand your post correctly, create a thing in the Dietician Profile data type when the first continue button is clicked, and then have another workflow step that updates the current user’s profile field (which should be linked to the Dietician Profile data type) with the result of the step that created the aforementioned thing. Finally, make changes to the Current User's profile in subsequent steps, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Thanks so much for your help!
That intuitively makes sense and I think I did that in the attached step. It’s still not working. I’m wondering if it’s because of how I have the sign up process set up. When a user signs up, they receive an email asking them to verify by clicking a link. When the user clicks the link they are taken to a new page that asks them what type of profile they want to create. I’m wondering because the user is taken to a new page, they are not registering as the “current user”. What do you think?

Have you run the workflow in step-by-step mode and used the debugger to see if it can help you understand why it’s not working?

Thanks I’m all set! I moved the workflows you outlined to the previous page where the user is redirected after clicking the verify profile link. Everything works now!

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