[Upgrade to Bubble Version 24] Correctly get “is empty” status for API call results

We’re launching a bug fix for correctly returning the empty status in dynamic expressions for API calls that return structs. This means “Current User’s <API return value> is/is not empty” will now return the correct value if the returned value was empty.

For example, if the Current User doesn’t have a Stripe Subscription ID, this expression will now correctly return “yes”, where previously it would’ve returned “no” (Image 1). Previously, a workaround for this was accessing this value from a list, but that is no longer necessary (Image 2).
Image 1: image

Image 2: image

When upgrading to BV 24, please be mindful of expressions where you are checking if a return value from an API is empty as they may now evaluate differently.

Happy Bubbling! :slight_smile:


This caused a bug in my application such that repeating groups were not updating when database things were created. After re-wiring everything to try to fix, I finally decided to roll back 1 more update, this was the update that seemed to be the culprit. Standing by on Version 23… (I haven’t implemented users yet, so maybe that has something to do with it.)