Response from API is not what I expect, what am I doing wrong?

Dear friends

I was following a tutorial to develop a no code app running like Chatgpt. I was able to find the following error:

How do I solve it?

The response I get from the app is a number

Any help appreciated.


you need to go to the element that you are displaying data to, click it and then change the type dropdown to the curl call option

Your datasource is currently just a bolean statement… so it’s value will either be yes or no - which doesn’t make sense here. (actually it’s not even that as you haven’t completed a valid expression at all - hence why it says it’s empty).

The value needs to be of the type the element is set to (i.e. cURL Call) - so just ensure that value you enter in the Data to display is of the correct type.

Hi Adam30

Thanks for your response. I tried changing below:

The fact it is red means I have done something wrong. Thanks

Hi Adamholmes
Thanks for your response. So the correct value type is it an integer? Is there anything like universal value type? Thanks


You current expression doesn’t make any sense - which is why it’s red.

You’re comparing the Api call’s first item’s message to This Text…

This Text is not a value, it’s an element… the only properties you can get from a Text element (aside from custom states) are it’s width and height.

So the expression is not finished… to complete it you need to select either width or heigh (or a custom state value) to compare the Api call’s first item’s message to.

Then you’ll get a valid output - but that will be a value of either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

I very much doubt that you’re trying to establish a Boolean value based on whether the API call’s first item’s message is the same as the text element’s width or height - and even if you were - that would be a yes or a no value - which is not the type the destination group is expecting.

So, what exactly are you trying to enter there?

Hi adamhholmes

Thanks for the explanation. Basically, I am trying to follow the below tutorial as I am a newbie to . I followed all his steps