[Upgrade to Bubble Version 26] Adjustment to style overrides behavior with style conditionals

Hi everyone,

We’ll soon be releasing a new Bubble Version so that style conditionals will now override style overrides when applying a property to an element. Previously, a style override would take priority over a style conditional. Here’s an example, where you have a text element with a style:

  • This style gives the element the font color blue
  • This style has a conditional that when “Current user is current user” (so always true), the font color should be green
  • You override the style on the text element to have the font color yellow

Previously, if you previewed the page, the element would have a font color yellow although the style condition is true. Now, the font color will be green. This change will make the behavior of style conditionals consistent with normal conditionals. Since this change could potentially affect element UI in existing apps, however, we’re releasing it as a Bubble Version. You can upgrade to the latest version in the Settings->Version tab.


great, that was annoying! :blush:

has anyone seen any issues with this update or use cases they could think would be a good example of what might break something? Or pretty clean version update?

Awesome Bug fix

Taking advantage of this update… it would be great if in the default styles, we could change the style using a URL parameter. This in the standard style, without needing to go to each item on the page and give this style conditional.


Any feedback on how stable this version is? Seems relatively straightforward, but I’d rather not bork my app by being an early adopting guinea pig :skull:

Just had to report a Bug likely because of this feature implementation.

Bug Report # 125033

Style has condition to change the background color when the text is not clickable.
Element on page has a condition to not be clickable when condition met.
Inspector tool shows the conditions evaluated properly.
Background color of element not changed according to style condition.

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so, i’ve read thru the og post and still dont exactly understand what this does. can someone eli5 or do a quick video example of the benefit here and potential breakage? am i way outta line here?