Conditionals on Style Settings (Don't work)

Hi, I am trying to put some condicionals (for responsive) to some custon style elements, and when I press ‘click’ it’s shows an search box and nothing happens. I can not select any conditional. I am doing this wrong or is buggy atm?

Hey @felipeguzmandiaz,
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Have you tried refreshing your editor?

Hello, i have the same problem still few days. Was waiting to see if it comes back, but still not working today

I tried everything and still don’t work. The best way is copy / paste the conditions.

Some browser extensions tend to give problems in the bubble editor. Have you tried to perform the process in a browser without any extension installed?

I can confirm that this is Bubble Upgrade 24 that is doing this. Reverting back to 23 fixes my problem. Maybe not related, but for me the conditionals that had to do with hover or pressed were just gone. White boxes. I couldn’t change the conditional, but I could change the props or move/delete.