Upload a linked PDF to S3 database?

Hi guys

I’ve been using the ‘PDF Generator’ plugin to convert URL’s into PDF’s and it works great.

Once I feed it a URL, it provides me with this type of link:

However, the part I’m confused about is how to be able to automatically save this PDF into my S3 database?

So far, the workflow below is what I have:

It works fine up to Step 2 (creates the PDF link I showed above) but then at Step 3, it throws up this error (in preview mode):

And the file also just saves with the URL from convertAPI, not S3.

Do you know how I can use the convertAPI generated link to upload the PDF into my S3 database?

Any help would be absolutely awesome and massively appreciated!

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i am also struggling with the same problem. its causing the error code: 1595501549118x407574127679691700 (I will report this bug separately)

hope we can fix this

Did you ever solve this? Getting the same error message when trying to download the pdf. Really weird

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I got a message from the bubble bug support, that they are trying to fix this bug. hopefully soon :wink:

Try it again, I tried it yesterday and it works for me now.

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