Problem with Saved S3

Hi guys!

I have a Api Call for use api2pdf in my app. Everything works but when I need save the file (API RESPONSE) in my database i have some problems.

The response comes in this format, like temporary URL to download the file.


I take this and capture like file.

If I save to DB it works but save the temporary url like a file, so after 24hrs this is useless. I need save the final file.


When I use “saved S3” script it save like this.


So when I use it the file comes like this.


Without format. But if I change manually the extension to pdf, i can se the file normally.

So, I dont know how make this work to save directly from API the pdf file.

Any Help??

PD: Sorry for my english, i’m from Chile :slight_smile:

The file name is coming URL Encoded (that’s all the %22 stuff) so you may well need to decode it and then save to S3. That way the file type will be preserved.

That said, I can’t immediately think of how to do it in Bubble !

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:sob: thanks @NigelG

I’m obligated to find another way to do this . Thanks again.

There is a paid plugin that does it. Will have a think about some other way.

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