Upload an images

Hi everyone,
I’m a new bubble developper and I’m actually working on mobile app. So I wanna know how we can upload an image from :

  • the internet
  • the photo app of the mobile phone
  • the files explorer (gallery)

In fact, what I want to know is that when I press on the picture uploader, it give me the choice to upload an image from the web (on google for exemple) or by taking a photo with the photo app of the smartphone or with the file explorer (gallery).

So if you could help me, it would be nice.

Regards !


It’s worth noting that Bubble by itself doesn’t make mobile apps. You’ll need to use an external wrapper to actually create a mobile app, and even then, it won’t work while the user is offline as it’s still just a web app.

Indeed, this just a prototype of a mobile app, but I need a solution to upload an image on the app by any source !