Take a photo with the camera

ziggeo uses the device’s camera to take a video but there is no comparable function for a simpler medium: photos.

it would be great to have a function that allows a user to take a photo using their device’s camera. there are cameras on everything now including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

this would help Bubble to have more apps for mobile, allowing users to use their camera to input photos into apps.

Well you are in luck!

Bubble already has that feature. Use the File Uploader element in the Inputs Forms section of the editor.

If you access your web app via a mobile device that has a camera, you can upload from the camera, your library or even from your cloud and other integrated storage apps.

Love to develop in Bubble!


i will try this and report back. thank you.

It sounds like you want to turn your Bubble app into an actual mobile app, this topic might be useful to you:

The reason I’m mentioning this specifically to you, is that I personally had some challenges with the camera-function (it didn’t work without changing some lines of code from the template I downloaded). Replace the code and you should be fine!


do you have that code for the camera that you could provide me? is this function for pictures or for video?

A link to this line of code is in the topic I mentioned above!

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