Upload Multiple File via APIs


I am trying to upload multiple files via APIs to Bubble, however, I couldn’t get it to work and I am getting the following response when trying to do so,

{“statusCode”:400,“body”:{“status”:“INVALID_DATA”,“message”:“Invalid data for field images_list_list_image: Expected a image url as a string, but got a object (original data: {"private":false,"contents":"base64 encoded file","filename":"couer- rochester.jpg"})”}}

And, The Payload that I am sending is,

“images_list_list_image”: [{
“private”: false,
“contents”: “ encoded file”,
“filename”: “couer- rochester.jpg”
“idea_email_body_text”: “asd”,
“submitter_email_text”: “asd@asda.org”,
“idea_email_subject_text”: “asd”

However, This works if I send a single file to some other fields that allow single file storage.

I read somewhere in the forum that Bubble doesn’t support array as a data type, so wanted to check with the community on whether it is possible to send multiple files in base64 encoded format as an array to a single field.

Hoping for a prompt response regarding this.


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