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I would like to create an upload photo with an image as a placeholder that changes when the user uploads their logo, could someone help me?

Hi Quidsicurezza,

I’ll help you complete this.

Create a new field in the User datatype called “Logo” and make it an image. You’ll see next to it, it’ll have “default”, click that and choose a logo that’ll be the default logo for when a user is created. This will act as your placeholder image.

On your website/app, on the side under Design you should have “Picture Uploader”, choose that for what users will see and use to upload their logo. Then choose the Dynamic Image and do “Current User’s Logo”.

That’ll do what you need it to do. Make sure to remove the text from the placeholder on the Picture Uploader or you’ll see text across the image. Right click the Picture Uploader and choose “Workflow” and do “When a user makes a change to this, make a change to a thing, current user’s logo”.

Let me know if you need any further help Quidsicurezza.

Ash :bearded_person:t4:

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What workflow should I use to delete the value of the logo field and return to the default value?

Depends on your setup but the easiest way would probably be to have an X icon on the top right of the picture uploader with “Hidden on Page Load” and then have a condition on the icon “When Picture Uploader is hovered this icon is visible” and then also a condition on the icon “When this icon is hovered this icon is visible” and then right click the icon, start a workflow and do “When this icon is clicked, make a change to a thing > user > add field: logo = (leave this blank)” and that’ll do what you need it to. When a user hovers over the logo they’ll see an x in the top right hand corner, they’ll click that to revert to default logo.

When you get more used to Bubble, you can have a group visible when you hover over the picture uploader with a menu like “change image, delete image, use one of these avatars, hide logo etc”, or even build a Settings/Account page/state that a user can edit and change the page or account details.

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