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I’m having trouble to create the function that the user will need to update their logo/picture. How i’m doing:

  1. Creating a picture uploader
  2. Create a button to save the picture uploader
  3. Link the button and picture uploader with the database (have tried internal database inside user and have already created another database)

I can upload the loto, but when i refresh the page, the logo vanish.

but when i refresh the page, the logo vanish.

Vanishes from where? (how are you displaying it?)

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Hi @vbo.nutri
It’s obvious on page load “picture uploader” will be empty
If you want that image to stay there
you can try like this…
Screenshot 2022-08-30 at 16.35.08

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Hi Burhanuddin Ahmed, ty for your answer. I saw that you’re a bubble freelancer. Can we talk more? Send me a message on whatsapp +55 79 9 9844-6885 or email-me: vbo.nutri@gmail.com

  1. Initial display

  2. Update and save the logo

  3. When i refresh the page the logo vanishes

Database structure:

Picture upload config:

Button workflow:

Hi @vbo.nutri , your workflow and element settings look correct. You might want to check a couple things though:

  • Are you logged in when you preview the page and upload the image? If not, make sure you’re running as a user first.
  • If you’re logged in, check the user record in Data > App Data > Users and check to see if the image is saved to the “logo” field.
  • If the image is there, but you’re not seeing it in the front-end display, check your privacy rules (go to the User data type). You might have a privacy rule preventing you from accessing the logo field.

This should help you troubleshoot!

Cheers, Gaby
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Tyvm! It was a data privacy problem.

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