Upload video and play in on a repeating group


I would like to have a video playing on this repeating group for each different movie I have stored in my database.
I’ve uploaded the videos I need but now I cannot make them play on this repeating group because the only options I have are youtube and Vimeo.

Is there a way I can play the videos I have uploaded on this repeating group?

Thank you!


Try entering only the video id and not the entire url

If you only have dynamic URLs you can extract the video id from it. I believe YT IDs have a standard length of characters (11) so you can use at the end :truncated to 11.

I don’t want the video to how youtube’s brand. I would like to have it uploaded as a MP4 for example.
When I add youtube’s link or ID the video runs with youtube logo’s in it.

Then the native video element will not cut it.

Explore alternative video plugins

Hi @joana

During week 1 of our bootcamp while exploring the video element I had mentioned the limitations of this element and the high potential for needing to utilize a plugin as a video player.

The video player plugin that I utilize is found at this forum showcase link

The developer @pork1977gm has done a fantastic job on this plugin


Bookmarked @boston85719 Thanks for the recommendation!


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