Upload videos not hosted on youtube

Hey guys! I am trying to have users upload videos they created and have those videos played in their pages popup. Kind of have their portfolio of created videos in a popup.

I cant figure out how to allow users to upload their creations and have them displayed in a popup. Anyone willing to walk me through? Would be incredibly appreciated.

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You need to use a file uploader for uploading the video an a video player (from the plugins) in the popup to display it, it is as simple as that

I think the best approach is to find a streaming plataform to videos and send the videos by API to this one, after getting the video in client frontend

In Brazil there is one

I like this also Pricing - JW Player
But you need confirm is they have API available

If you don’t care about fine control about the player, you can use the browser’s native video player, just add an HTML element and put

<video autoplay controls> <source src="[Dynamic data with the video URL]"></video>

The video URL being from your Bubble storage.

i dont want to replace the dynamic data. I would like set a repeating group that shows each users series of clips

Yea the HTML element I mentioned is to just play the video. You would still make a repeating group and search for your videos, display thumbnails, then a user clicks on a video and show the popup you want with the player. You would replace the part I said with the video URL so it knows which one to play

Here is what the player looks like in your browser