Upload video from bubble to vimeo


I have a use case where, I want to upload a video file from the bubble app to vimeo directly.
Could any one can guide me to get this done, I am clueless. Please assist.
Thanks in Advance !!!


If you’re using Vimeo’s API they offer 3 ways you can upload videos.

Uploading Videos with the Vimeo API | Vimeo Developer

The simplest way is by uploading the video first either to your Bubble storage, or somewhere else (such as AWS), and then using the ‘Pull’ approach through the Vimeo API to transfer it to you Vimeo account, You can then delete the uploaded file from your own storage if you need to.

To access their API you first need to register your app with them and get approved for ‘upload scope’. Then you can setup up the require API calls in Bubble.

Vimeo Developer API

I think there is a Vimeo Bubble plugin that might also do this, but I haven’t used it myself, so can’t say if it’s suitable or not. In either case, you’ll still ned to register your app with Vimeo first using the link above.

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thank you for the quick response.
A general observation- “If we use ‘Pull’ approach first we have to temporary save data in to bubble and then hit the request, which means it will going to take too much time and extra space too”.
Thanks for letting me know about the plugin i will explore it too.

Yes, but the transfer from your upload destination to Vimeo is done on the servers so is very fast (for us it’s barely any noticeable time at all) - plus you have to the factor in the time it takes for Vimeo to transcode the videos and prepare the files, so regardless of which approach you use for uploading, it’s always going to take time before the video’s are available. (The Bubble Vimeo plugin also uses the ‘Pull’ approach for uploading).

As I said, it’s the easiest and quickest (in my experience) of the 3 methods to integrate uploads with Bubble - the other 2 require more manual coding to get working, but both should be possible to integrate with your app.

Best thing to do is try all the available options and see which one is best suited for you use case and app. Good luck :slight_smile:

thanks for the solution, Just right now I Have come to the same page as I have uploaded a video from postman. Now I will try to achieve the same from bubble and plugin provided by them.
Thankyou for such a quick response

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For anyone finding this thread trying to figure out how to upload to Vimeo easily - I made a plugin to solve uploading to Vimeo - Hope you can forgive the self promotion!


@lindsay_knowcode I’m using your plugin but keep getting a 2204 invalid parameter error. Could you send me a DM?

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What it might be is the privacy setting. Having private videos is a feature only available to paid plans.

Also the token, on the Vimeo Page it appears concealed by XXXXX…… The actual token isn’t a list of ‘X’ s but a string of letters and numbers. Check you’ve cut and pasted in the un-obfusticated (with no ‘X’s) token…

And for now “description” is a required field in the Plugin - don’t leave it blank - I am going to re-write the plugin to better deal with error conditions.

I’ll update the plug-in and documentation to point this out.

If that isn’t the problem, screen shot your setup and send me a DM, I’m sure we can figure it out.

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@lindsay_knowcode tried your tips but no luck yet. How do I send you a dm? Can’t seem to find the option anywhere.

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