Build a Plugin For Vimeo Upload


I’ve been tearing my hair out for the past few weeks trying to add the ability to upload videos to my Vimeo account from within my app using their recommended TUS upload method.

I’ve been through their API documentation and it seems simple enough, but despite trying for almost 2 weeks I haven’t been able to figure out how to implement it within Bubble in a workable way.

So rather than waste anymore time on it I though I’d see if anyone would be interested/able to build a simple plugin to handle it for me (and anyone else who need to upload to Vimeo), before I give up on the project altogether.

The plugin is simple - you just need to be able to select a video file from a local drive, and then patch it as binary data in a simple API call to Vimeo.

If anyone is interested in this either message me or comment below (or if anyone know another way to achieve it then I’m all ears.

Thanks in advance

Just curious if you’ve tried the free Vimeo plugin. Or does it not do what you need it to? I’ve never tried it (or Vimeo for that matter), but I was just wondering.

Yes, I have tried the free Vimeo plugin, but aside from the fact I couldn’t get it to work, it only works with the ‘pull’ and ‘post’ methods of uploading, and not the TUS resumable upload method that I was trying to implement. It’s actually much easier just to use the API connector to work with the pull and push upload methdods than it is to use the plugin (so I found anyway).

Anyway on balance I think I’ll stick with the pull upload method via the API connector for now, as that is simple to get working.

Thanks for the suggestion.

This is exactly whaat I need. Did you find a solution?

Unfortunately I never managed to figure out a way to get TUS uploads working inside bubble. I’m sure it’s possible with javascript but I spent too much time trying to work it out so in the end abandoned the idea in favour of just using the ‘pull method’ via the API connector.

It’s not ideal, as doesn’t allow resumable uploads, and requires extra storage capacity, i.e. an AWS S3 account, so extra expense, but it works fine, and is very easy to set up using Vimeo’s API.

If I get a chance I still intend to get TUS uploads working as I’m sure it’s possible, but for now we’re sticking with the simple pull method for our app.

@adamhholmes, out of curiosity, how did y’all configure this for the API upload process? Been banging my head against a wall with the Vimeo API.

In the end we stuck with the ‘Pull’ approach - it’s worked out pretty well for us, and is the simplest method to set up with Bubble.

As outlined above, we upload to AWS s3, then pull into Vimeo from there - we’re still keeping the uploaded files on our S3 bucket, so we have them all as backup, should we ever decide to switch from Vimeo to a self-serve solution like AWS.

But for now we’re perfectly happy with how things are working.

I made a plugin to solve this - I had exactly the same problems with the free Vimeo plugin. The free one is really for a different use case - it’s not for uploading videos to a particular account. Hope you can forgive the self promotion!

I made plenty of videos to help you set up things on the Vimeo side and the Bubble side - see the service website.

Thanks to the great @eman really - as she raised the problem.

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