Uploads to database not showing in tabe?

I searched for this and found answers that suggested it is not uncommon but cannot seem to find a fix. I uploaded a csv file of data and mapped all of the fields. The uploader showed completed and I got an email notification that the upload was finished. Unfortunately, when I view app data the table is empty. I saw someone suggest it was a zoom issue and confirmed my browser zoom is at 100%. If I click the edit button in the table on any row all of the fields are empty? Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Hello @tjvanoflen welcome to the community!

  • Create a test page
  • Place a repeating group that loads your entries (type: thing, search things)
  • Add a text element within the rg that displays the name of the entry (current thing’s name)
  • Make sure there are no privacy rules applied to the thing
  • Run preview
  • If you do not see the entries … check your debugger for the repeating group values

This would be the best way to know if your entries were uploaded to the dB

Additionally … play around with zooming your editor in order to be able to see your entries in the dB. If you cannot … try using another browser or another machine.