Uploded file storage 0 MB

Good day everyone!
when checking logs capacity the system shows 0 MB
I may be wrong but I think that is supposed to show the used space. We definitely have few GB of files loaded in the file storage (but not up to our 10GB limit), and I am quite sure that was showing correctly a couple of weeks ago.

I have tried to upload couple of files, and it did upload them but no changes to the capacity indicator though.

Do I have unlimited storage now? or something got broke?

Do you have the same issue?

Interesting…ive been bubbling for a few years now and never seen this issue. When i upload files unlike @antillo79 the Uploaded file storage in my logs shows the total file storage consumed BUT if i enable auto-binding to an image object in my Database and upload an image it does not show in my file storage nor does it register in the logs.

thank you for the answer Bubbleboy.
I don’t know what it was… the behaviour did last for 3 days, but now is back to normal and it shows me 5GB of used space.

We regularly clean up the file storage as our app needs to store files on monthly basis, maybe this load and delete messed up with something.

We are now looking to switch to box.com anyway as we need more space.

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