Deleting Uploaded Files (Trying to Save Storage)


I am running into storage problems. My application initally had the basic plan for 10GB of storage, and I hit storage capacity, so I upgraded my plan to the next plan which gives 20GB of Storage.

However, I now realize I can clear out file manager to manage this storage, but I have deleted uploaded files from the file manager and the amount of storage used has not dropped…

Any idea as to why this is?

This number has not changed, it is remaining the same even after deleting files from the file manager of the live version of my app (which is where all the uploaded files are coming from).

Any ideas? Thanks.

Hm… upon further investigation, it seems that it only deletes 50 files at a time, even if I have 1000+ selected. So it only accounts for the 50 files and thats why the storage change is so small.

Any idea why its only deleting 50 files when I have 1000 selected? Must be a bug on Bubble end

Did you show all 1000 files in the file manager or just keep it showing the default 50?

Did you use the select all checkbox at the top?

Likely, you have kept the view at the default 50 and used the checkbox at the top to select all, which will only select all in view.

Show all 1,000 then select all, that way you will have selected 1000.

They are all selected and all showing on the page, however it does not delete the full amount, just the first 50.

Yes I did

Should document with video and send a bug report to Bubble support then.