Upviral API - issue setting up Post request

Hi bubblers,

I try to set up Upviral API in order to add contact there when a new user is signing up in my app.
I can’t figure out how to make it work.
Here is the api documentation of Upviral request I intended to set up

Here is my settings in api connector

Here is the result of the request

When I add campaign_id and email as parameters, I get exactly the same message !!

I think that I have 2 different issues to solve
1/ Why do I get an “error” instead of “success” message in Result ?
2/ Why the email and campaign_id parameters are specified to be required even when I pass them as parameters?

Would really appreciate if anyone can help!!

In your screenshot, I don’t see that you are passing campaign_id and email. Only method and apikey
Also, you need to be sure that the content-type sent is the one expected by the API (json, form-data, urlencoded…)

If you are not sure what Bubble output, I suggest you to debug using requestbin.

@Jici thanks for yous answer.
Obviously I have passed campaign_id and email parameters trying everything I can (the same way as method and apikey, and using , and with json …). But always the same result… That’s why you don’t see them in my screenshot, because whatever I put them or not the result’s message is the same :confused:

Here is the introduction of API documentation

If you add theses parameters and got the same message, this mean that the content type is not correct. Actually on mobile, but I already post a couple of time about API connector behavior. When I got back I will try to explain what you should try

OK, but I haven’t anymore explanation than I already gave you in my previous posts about content type?!?
I’m in a hurry that you can give me other paths to try something…

There’s no information in your previous type about content-type.
But I guess this is suppose to be urlencoded.
Try this
In header;
Content-Type value set to application/x-www-form-urlencoded
No parameters

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Hey @Jici !
Many thanks for your help!!!
In fact, it works as you said!

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