Urgent: Bubble with blank editor?

Is anyone else receiving this empty editor issue?

Workflow and other tabs are fine. I’ve tested cache, restarting and sign&out,o ther browsers etc… I have a meeting in 10 minutes and this thing refuses to load any page on the app!

Have you tried another browser? Don’t have this issue on my side and didn’t see any other reports about it today.

p.s. have you tried to switch between pages of your app in the editor?

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appreciate your time. I did try different browser, and even devices.
Some apps on other accounts were fine. Maybe something with my local provider was causing some sort of conflict.

I ended up rolling back the app to 15minutes before the problem started and after that, it disappeared. Which is odd, because I noticed the issues within multiple apps, bubble accounts and devices, although all in the same network.

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