URGENT - Editing a row in a data table issues


For some reason when trying to edit a row in a data table the values aren’t saving. Though the workflow steps seem to be correct. Don’t know if there was an upgrade that no longer lets you do things the way they were before (E.g. Creating styles by just adding them on the element and then just create a new style and you had it sorted earlier! No longer seems to work that way.)

Here are some screenshots

Bug Image 1

In the third image, you can see that in the barcode field, the operation is “add” in the run mode, but I have “=” so not sure what is happening.

@Emmanuel Can this be looked into soon, please? Has anybody else had this issue?


Here is the link to the editor - https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=dashboard&id=testappupright&tab=tabs-1
Here is the link to the preview - https://testappupright.bubbleapps.io/version-test/dashboard?debug_mode=true&p=settings&s=location

Your quagga plugin or code you’ve used on your page isn’t working:

Something changed there, not in Bubble proper, I’m guessing.

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