URGENT HELP Needed | Search not working?

Hello there! I always have issues with searches, I dont know why! I have tried tutorials and everything. I just cant seem to get to work, so I thought I come to you guys for your help.

Anyways I am trying to build a MDT/CAD System for my roleplay group, I cant get the results to come up in the box even know, they are registered within the database!

Also the privacy rules suck! I want them all public but cant seem to find it for some reason, even know I made the others public? So why not Civs?

If some one can advise me on WTF can I do then please let me know. As you see im getting annoyed with bubble! Everything else I can do fine.

https://community-cad-2021.bubbleapps.io/version-test/sheriffs_office?debug_mode=true Here is my bubble.io site. PLEASE DONT TOUCH NOTHING ELSE!

If there is anything else you want me to show you then let me know! Thanks.


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