URL Path vs URL Parameters

Hello fellow bubblers,

I am not clear as to when I should use URL path vs URL parameters, for instance to show a group based on the URL path (or parameters). An example: if I want to show a Signup vs Login group on the signup page, I could do it either with the URL path or with a URL parameter.
What is the best practice of using one vs another and why?

Depends on your app and app stage.

Paths are harder but superior for SEO & native GA tracking without as much need for custom events, also better if you’re using 3rd party redirects for any reason as many clear Params on redirect.

Params are easier and faster to implement but don’t have some of the benefits as paths.

For signup/login these should always be separate pages, regardless of what anyone says with using states to display the login/signup group, they are wrong. The only exception to them being separate pages is native apps. Your marketing team will thank you and tracking data will always be consistent and clean.

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I just looked at your post and is very helpful, but doesn’t giving the index page a datatype mean there’s gonna be “index” in the url as soon as you send data to the page?

Yes. This depends on the site build but most of the time I don’t typically like to store anything in index.

Bubbles load speed tends to be far below that of WP or Webflow so I do home pages there.

Marketing landing pages in clickfunnels or similar funnel builders for easy a/b split test and scale.

Most of the time my bubble apps are on sub domains. There’s exceptions here such as marketplaces.

Index is typically an auto redirect to “dashboard”, “login”, or back to an external landing page whatever makes most sense for the UX flow.

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