Url paths and page data type conflict when sending data through url

Is there a way to have path parameters as well as a data type for a page?

i.e. be able to have example.com/dashboard/company1/tab1/subtab2 etc.

where company1 is the data source for the dashboard page which is data type “company” and tab1 and subtab2 are parts of options sets?

I am finding it tricky to send the tab1 and subtab2 paths when doing workflows as it needs them to be in the data type “company”

How can I do this?

Is it possible to use URL parameters instead of Path for those options? That would be very simple and straightforward to setup.

Example: example.com/dashboard/company1/?tab=1&subtab=2

When using url path lists and the go to page action, the only way to send the path list is to send data as text, but that requires the page sending to has no content type…so if you want to keep the content type and want to use the go to page action you would have to send parameters instead of a path list.

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yep thats what i thought thank you for clarifying.

I am now struggling when trying to get data for a repeating group which is in a reusable element. I am trying to get a ‘company’s boards’ and I am not able to use get path (company) from the URL to grab the company as it is just giving me a blank output.

How can i get this to work?


Bubble for some inexplicable reason doesn’t do the same things for URL path as they do for parameters, despite requests over several years, so that means we just have to jump through hoops to get some simple functionality that should have been built in.

In this situation, Bubble does not automatically fetch the ‘thing’ from the database when you tell Bubble via the Get Data From URL dynamic expression that the type of content is of a custom data type in the Bubble database if you are using URL path or path list items. So, you need to use the value from the URL path as part of a constraint in a Do a Search dynamic expression to actually get the value from the DB.

I am still having trouble trying to get the value from the URL, is there any way to fix it. Here is what i have:


managed to get it working, used this instead

Thanks for the help