Use "additionnal keys" outside of the plugin

Hello guys,

I developed a Plugin containing “additional keys” including one called “business_id

In this plugin I also implemented an API which has the particularity of having a dynamic address (ex: http://[business_id]

So I would liked to kown to if i can use the parameter defined generically in the plugin in order to avoid users having to repeat the same information in several places.

Indeed when I call my API from a workflow, I have to fill in the [business_id], but I cannot select the parameter defined in the plugin.

Is there a way to do this ?

Thanks in advance

I don’t think you can use the parameter defined in the "API " section of the plugin builder outside of it…

Thanks @ankur1 for your answer,

Do you know if there it’s possible to access the plugin global variable (additional key) from the API section inside the plugin.

I mean is there any way to point the global variable from an API Parameter field ?