Use apple fonts in web app

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This is a non-bubble specific question, but I couldn’t find a definitive answer anywhere. Are Apple fonts, such as SF pro text, free to use outside the Apple ecosystem? I know Apple can be a bit uptight regarding patents etc, so I’m not sure.

Thank you!

@martinlenweiter there should be some shady place with the font files in internet.

If you find them you can upload them to bubble like this: How to Upload Custom Fonts to Your App - YouTube

Also check the video so you know the type of files they are.

Hi @Clasicwebtools and thanks for your reply! Yes I think I can find them, my question was more about the legal ramifications of doing this. Do you know how legal that is?

@martinlenweiter no clue. I guess if it’s a web app for IOS it may be legal. Never heard of font for copyright but probably is a thing.

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