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Most Common & Best Font To Use On Bubble

Hey Everyone

Was wondering what groups or fonts everyone is using on Bubble to make there app

Whats the most common whats the best font family to use. I know it all depends on the style appreciate some opinions


roboto is best google font i think,
but if you want custom font try
its really nice and free for commercial projects, im using it with most of my apps
heres the css files if you want to add to your own app easily.

Inter-UI-Regular //

Inter-UI-Meidum //

Inter-UI-SemiBold //

Inter-UI-Bold //

Inter-UI-Extra-Bold //

Inter-UI-Black //

make sure you copy the name exactly like so

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Well you’d have a huge library to choose from if you go the custom font routes, although this can affect page load time if your not careful.

Google fonts, I quite like Krub, got some good weights.

As for a custom font @anon65040322 made a good suggestion with Inter, looks damn good.

Another one I really like is Avenir:


Thanks @anon65040322

Yeh i Like Roboto to, and Open Sans

Thanks for the above I would not know where to upload these to right now only been on Bubble for 7 days and the learning curve and process is immense… stuck two days on a slider menu with repeating groups :frowning:

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This very nice too but not licensed unfortuantly

@anon65040322 thanks mate

it looks like there is a problem with medium & black weights
heres the app i tested with, in case i linked them wrong

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You have basic vector pictures sometimes where fonts like Times New Roman and Franklin Gotic are the best and sometimes you have a radical picture with a lot of things to look at, you use a small bitmap with a height of 6 pixels and sometimes you want a picture to concentrate on the stylish text itself, so you use DaFont. Using Calibri, Segoe and Verdana, if not.