Use back button on phone to go to previous page (single page app)

I’m building a native app, so I want to be able to press the back button on my phone (not an element button) to go to the previous page even though I have a single page with groups.

I have seen solutions proposed on this forum but I do not understand them at all since I’m a newbie and most are closed threads so I cannot ask questions. Please can someone show me the easiest way to do this without using plugins, preferable the URL parameter method. I avoid plugins as much as possible so as not to end up reducing performance. Please explain in detail so I can understand… thanks a lot.


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I’ve never tried it on a mobile app but on desktop, I have used the browser plugin and use the change URL workflow action. You place the browser element on your page and then you can access the change URL function in workflows. This modifies the browser history so that when a user clicks the back button they go to the previous URL. If you use URL variables you can show/hide groups on your single-page app with conditions.

Check out this youtube video for a more in depth explanation Single Page App Building - how to load "things" in Pretty URL - YouTube

@StarrK_Designs . This video leaves me more confused than ever. I have soo many questions I don’t know if anyone can answer them. The most confusing is the fact that when he starts his page already has a custom URL. Not like the one I have, so everything else doesn’t make sense.

@lancegerarrd I agree that video is kind of confusing but it’s the best I’ve found. I won’t be back at my desk for another 10hrs or so, but when I get back, I’d be happy to make a better tutorial video for you.

I’ll be forever grateful to you. waiting…

Sorry, this took so long to get uploaded, I got home way later than expected last night.

Let me know if you have any questions.


@StarrK_Designs. I can’t thank you enough :pleading_face:. Thanks a lot. this is so clear and easy to understand. I have tried it on my app and it works very well. I love this forum and the people in here.

You’re welcome, I’m glad the hear that you got it working!

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