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Problem with date events

I create a form for adding events, and I wish I could have a repeating group of events with a specific date, for example, all the events of November 27th, how can I do?
ajouter une contrainte ok, mais comment dire qu’il ne doit prendre que le 27th novembre?

Just have a constraint saying, for instance “date” is “Current date”. If you need to only look at the day, you can do this in a filter as it’s a more complex expression (check for the advanced constraint in the filter).

Can you try and show us what you have with a screenshot, it’s hard to help otherwise.

PS: also, let’s try to keep things in English :slight_smile:

sorry google was supposed to translate this last sentence ^^

Here is the screenshot, I would like this repeating group is equal to a specified date. but here I am lost x)

Where is the specific date? What happens when you click on ‘click here’

Well then just have an input where the date is, or use the current date? I think the issue here is that you haven’t decided where the date should be coming from.

What we want is a repeating group that contains all the events of a single day, and we do not know how. and I do not really understand your last message ^^

Hello there,

We’re working on the same app and the problem is we can show events if date is > or < to current_date

but we can’t filter events with a date WE choose cause we can’t add something like “Nov 27, 2015 10:00 am” (it appears this format in the csv file)

We have an event dated with the date of today but if we write in the constraint Date = currentDateTime.
We don’t see any dates.

Well, if current date/time means a date with a time it seems logical that our event will only be shown once a day :wink:

It would be nice to choose a specific date or just the date and not the dateANDtime and more than that.

Because, the solution i see, for the moment, is to create a database with some dates that we can compare to…

Right, that’s what we have right now. Not sure having static dates in an app is a good thing (if you were using code, you’d probably not want to have a hardcoded date in the code base). If that’s an issue let us know and we can look into it, but not sure i see a good use case there.

Hi All,

Just come upon a similar problem myself. I’ll caution that I’m a bubble newbie, and have had help getting this far and that what i am trying to do is possibly more about learning than it is about getting a working feature right now.

So, I’m adding a basic activity dashboard for my app, and one of the obvious ones is number of active users on the app segmented by date/time. For example, active users: in last hour; today; yesterday.

I have a field in my USERS table called LAST LOGIN which gets the CURRENT DATE/TIME written to it when the user logs in. Obviously! On my dashboard I have SEARCH FOR USERS’S LAST LOGIN:COUNT which of course returns the total number of users I have in the table. I can see where to put a constraint, but I can’t see how to construct the test to show me, for example, the users logged in within 60 mins of the current time.

Seems like having more time options from which to choose might help. For example, TODAY returning just the date, TIMENOW returning just the time, and so on…

Any help is appreciated.


To get the list of these user, I’d use :
Do a search for User : filtered with LAST LOGIN >= Current Date +seconds( 3600 * -1))

Thanks for that! Really helpful.

I’ve made progress. Got it calculating some stuff now. I guess I missed the meaning of the “+(seconds)” choice in that list.

Only thing I’m having trouble with is entering “<=” into the constraint. I can have either one but not both as a choice from the list, but can’t seem to type it in. I must just be missing something straightforward, I’ll poke around some more…