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Use domain with www

Hello everybody, am new to Bubble. So far good going :slight_smile:

I have added my custom domain to the public app. However, am not able to get the site working on www. and it is always redirected to non-www domain.

Example: Let’s assume my custom domain is; Bubble only accepts in the settings area and automatically redirects to

Now, how is that I have redirected to

Any help in this regard is much appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

On your DNS settings at your host, you need to set an A record for www that points to the bubble ip.

Below is what it looks like for my domain using Azure as my domain management.

You should also have the standard wildcard A record for the domain that also points to bubble.

Note: Depending on your provider, the wildcard name may be different, or blank. On Azure it is ‘@’.

I’m having the same trouble with my domain.

Using See screenshot below for setting. Doesn’t make sense why it’s redirect to and not stay at given these settings. Seems like there’s something odd going on the Bubble side. Anyone else running into this?

Side note - won’t accept “@” as the name.

I have added the A record for www to point bubble.

So, when I visit, it gets redirected to

But, I want to use as primary domain and have redirected to

How to achieve this? Please help.

By default, Bubble redirect to

This is not something we can change quickly.

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Aahh! Ok. Thanks @emmanuel look forward to have this feature working sooner :slight_smile:


Okay. Thanks for the lightning quick reply.

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