Support setting custom domian

Hi community, would love your thoughts on this.


  • I want to setup a custom domain in a paid plan (have done it several times for other apps).
  • The domain is in AWS Route 53 (I’ve never used that before)
  • I’m sure I put the DNS records right but the bubble app doesn’t seem to find them
  • When I change the domain to the connection with bubble works fine, but I have the huge downside that people need to enter the “www”
  • Tried to set up the app in another domain ( to check if it’s a bubble thing but it works fine, so I’m guessing it’s maybe something with other DNS records in the original domain working against me…
  • The domain I want to use is from a client so it had already some DNS records and previous use, I made sure to erase all A records and only left CNAMEs referring to mailing services.
  • I can’t share images because the domain it’s not mine - so sorry about that :frowning:

Would REALLY appreciate any help understanding what might be wrong. Why can’t bubble find the records when I put the www?

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facing the same issue. Did you manage to solve it?

Hi! Yes, I filed a support ticket and the team did a hard setup on their side via cloudflare (something like that). The team was super responsive, from ticket to solution took less than a day