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Use Google Sheets formulas as REST API for app


  1. User fills out number inputs in app.
  2. Those numbers are sent to GSheet to certain fields in the table (e.g. E12, G12, T5)
  3. In that GSheet there are OUTPUT fields where GSheets formulas are made and I want those fields to be sent back to app.

I have 2 problems:

  1. I have several users and they work with the same GSheet and same resources, therefore, there are conflicts. (I was thinking about having separate resources(e.g. fields/sheets) per user but don’t know whether it harms scalability)
  2. GSheet in theory should proceed formulas only when Gsheet is opened.

Do you have any experience with similar issues, guys ?

Were you able to figure this out?

Chose Sheety for this, formulas work, for multi-tenancy used 5 GSheets and managing them so that new user work with a free GSheet (bad solution regarding scalability capabilities, but in my app there will be a few users)

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