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Use "Merged with" wich compare several words


I know how to use “merged with” when i need to match one word with another one (RG searching for example).

Example 1 : (i know to do that :slight_smile: )

Searching field : “word1

DB1 :
DB1skill : word3

DB2 :
DB2skill : word1

DB3 :
DB3skill : word1

Result : DB2, DB3

Example 2 : (what i am trying to do :crazy_face: )

Searching field : “word1, word2

DB1 :
DB1skill : word3

DB2 :
DB2skill : word1, word 2

DB3 :
DB3skill : word1, word 3

Result : DB2

Apparently it doesn’t really work with “merged with” … Do you know how to do that please?

Thank you so much for your time :slight_smile:

Hi bricelataste,

just to clarify what you are trying to do:
You are trying to find which database entries contain a list of things (word1, word2) instead of just 1 thing (word1) and are trying to use “merged with” to get there, right?


Hello TipLister,

Yes exactly! :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:



Hi Bricela,

if for your repeating group you use, do a search for:filtered and then select Advanced you can select a filter such as This Users list of skills contains list …

depending on if you use an input, or what kind of system you use, it may differ. Pm me if you need more help and want to do screen share.


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