Use multiline input to generate a a dropdown list

Hello, I’d really appreciate you help, as I’m a novice in bubble.

I want to get a user’s input in a multiline form and use each line’s text as a source to the options in a dropdown box.

Any idea of how could I do this?

Hi there, @fabio.portela… if by multiline form you mean a multiline input element and if the user is entering text on new lines in the input, then this set up for the dropdown would do the trick. Note that you literally need to press the Enter key in the Text separator field so that the multiline input’s value is split by a line break.

I hope I have understood your post correctly, and I hope this helps.



Great! I’ll try it here. I was using ‘\n’ to simulate the ‘enter’ key. I Will check that! Thank you!

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Worked like a charm! Thank you!!!

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