Appending text to multiline dropdown

Hi all,

I have a multiline dropdown select box that I’m using to describe children in a classroom. The user can create their own descriptions or select descriptions they’ve already used for other students i.e - “Achieved great test results” etc. That’s all working great.

I now want to add some pre-populated values that I’ve created for users like below i.e - “Works well with others” etc. and when they click them, I want that text value to go in to the multiline dropdown.

I’ve been following this tutorial post here which points me in the right direction except when I try and :append my value as state I’m not given the option to. It’s like :append doesn’t work with multiline dropdowns -

Is there another way I can pull this off using something other than :append? There’s :plus item or :join with that I’ve tried to use but I’m not having much success.

Sorry to tag you @adamhholmes @mikeloc but do either of you know of another way I could achieve this? Thank you!

Although, personally, I probably wouldn’t use a multi-dropdown for this (I’d use a RG), all you need to do in either case is add the values from the elements below to the default (list) value of the dropdown.

How you do that of course depends on exactly what you’re trying to save, and where (if its in the database then it’s simple, just pull it from there… if not then you’ll need to save it to a list somewhere on the page.

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