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Use multiple results from API

Hi all,

In my project I am trying to reuse multiple results from one API call to another API call. So first I do a call to the API and it returns three values in the response that I want to reuse and here are two of them:

Btw, for some reason I am not succeeding in doing a call with the new API connector anymore. It worked before the weekend. The old API connector works as you can see in the screenshot.

I don’t want to show the values to the user of the app. I want to grab the three values and insert them in another API call which actually handles the creation of a new customer in the back-end. Anyone knows how to do this? I tried some with a repeating group but it shows values and I don’t want to show. Just use them in the new call invisible to the user.



Even i have the same requirement. I am trying like creating a workflow

When page is loaded - create things - get data from external api - extract data - Store
For other API calls

Try to replace the URL with ur data in ur table. If i get a solution will comment.