Parse an HTML page to retrieve some text

To be clear, what I need is something to parse the HTML content of a webpage and then being able to use the text contained in those elements into proper text elements.
Don’t hesitate to ask for more details if needed.

Hi ,

to begin with, have you checked if the webpage that you want to crawl doesn’t have some sort of API so you could retrieve the data that way?


Hello @alanpieczonka ,
I have checked, and no, the page doesn’t have any kind of API.

Unfortunately I haven’t done this exact feature so I can’t be very specific here, but you could probably use combination of tools like Octoparse (for crawling the data) and Parabola (for pushing the data into Bubble).
But maybe there is a simpler way and someone will post it here.

You can first use API Connector to retrieve the whole page HTML (GET request to the page url, and type to “text”)
Using regex,you can extract what you need

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Check our Any Page Parsing plugin. Perhaps it can do the job you want:

Hope it helps. :slightly_smiling_face:
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