User choose location within selected radius

I realise this is a pretty complicated topic, but I need some help as I’m not sure the best way to approach this issue.

My users can create and attend events. I want them to choose their location when creating an event, and for attendees to be able to select events in their area based on a radius. See example below:


I don’t want to use a map (such as Google map) because I prefer simple, clean websites. Could someone help me with suggestions of how I could achieve the above?

My questions would be;

  1. How should I collect addresses (obviously I need an address drop down to select address from so do I need to include every single town in the UK into my database?).
  2. How can I do the radius feature.

You can put a constraint if the user’s geographic location is collected and the product’s geographic location is also stored in the database, you can use a constraint

Location is within X miles

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I’m not sure how I would add constraints on distance because I plan on having a drop down list with all UK towns, like below;

The only reason I am opting for this method is because I think any system which auto inputs addresses etc is beyond my technical skills.