Radius Map Search from Database

Hello everyone. I am new to Bubble and am very excited to get started. I have played around and read a lot, but I am having a hard time navigating my way around. My first task in Bubble is to develop a radius search from the database.

The database is a list of people with their contact information and a couple other items, ‘Rating and Category’ that I want to be optional search criteria along with the radius search.

Ideally I would like the search user to be able to pick any location (the user doing the search is doing it for someone else so the location will not be the user’s current location). Also, it would be great to search from multiple items, whether it be a zip code, state, or city as not all of my users would be familiar with zip codes without looking it up.

The user will also need the ability to select from a dropdown their own choice of miles, such as 5, 10, 20, etc.

The optional items, Category and Rating, ideally would be multi-select fields rather than only simple drop downs.

When the user clicks search, a list is brought back from the database of all the people to meet this criteria, showing distance from search point and listed in order of distance, with the details also plotted on a map. How do I structure this after the database is set up?

Do I create an inout form with an action when button is clicked to generate the list? Is the list a repeating group? And I have tried and tried but cannot figure out how to do the radius field.

Thanks for the help!


Hello Florence.
Have you been able to fix this?