User data not pulling through


I have a database structure as follows


  • Username
  • Unique ID


  • Created by
  • Order item

I have a page that displays a users unique ID in the url under a parameter called ‘user’.

On that page I have a repeating group that displays a list of orders.

Within that repeating group I can get information to display such as ‘Order item’ but when I try to get Created by, users, username the field always remains blank.

I have tried pulling the unique ID from the page parameter linked under a user and can get the unique ID to display on that page. But when I say get data from url, users, username the field is still blank.

I have performed similar operations to this before and never had an issue. Anyone know what can be causing this? The database definitely has a username for for each user.

It’s probably your privacy rule for the User datatype… so check those.

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That solved it, thank you!

Must have clicked it by accident

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Glad you were able to resolve your issue. Mark the post above as a solution.

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