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URL Parameter doesnt read datatype

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to read data from the URL Parameter.

When I read the user’s unique ID from the URL it works perfectly.
But when I do the same thing with other Datatype it doesn’t read at all.

Any idea why?

The user URL Parameter

The datatype URL Parameter

I’m not figuring out why…

Thank you in advance.

Just to be sure sure, DT - Care make is one of your data type not one created from API Connector?

No. Its a datatype created by me

If you provide the unique id for the make, I don’t see why it doesn’t work. Be sure privacy rules doesn’t apply

Privacy rules are public.

I just tried with unique ID and it works with datatype too.
I don’t get it why doesn’t work with other fields in datatype.

Data type always reference to unique ID.
If you want to use another field, you will need to set the url parameter as text and use Do a search for

yeah, but with a Do a search for, it will be a nested search. I already have it. It takes 11 seconds to display the information.

With the Repeating Group, it takes less than a second.
But I can’t use the Repeating Group because it loads all the rows and I need only a few of them. Besides I can’t sort it the way it should be.
So I decided to display them as text.

To pull a specific row from datatype I have to use two ID,
One I get it from the Dropdown list (because it’s dynamic and it changes all the time) the second one is static. And use the URL parameter to retrieve it.

Right now I’m using a Do a search for like you said. But it’s a nested search and it takes a long time to display.

Do you know any alternative?

Thanks again

The best is to share your app in public view mode so we can check your setting and give you some tips