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User Database Inputs Missing

Did anyone else have this issue? I’m building a database and when I click on the drop down menu - I don’t see the following:

1.) List of Users
2.) List of Posts
3.) List of Tiers

Hi there, @david.green2010… if you mean the Field type dropdown when adding a new field to a data type, you will not see those list options. Instead, you will select the data type in the dropdown, and then you check the This field is a list (multiple entries) checkbox under the dropdown.

Apologies if I misunderstood your post, but it isn’t clear which dropdown you are referencing.

Hope this helps.


Hi Mikeloc, @mikeloc thanks for replying! Yes once I create a new field, then the field type pops up. The dropdown list doesn’t have those options for some reason. I’m following a HOW TO BUILD on Bubble. I’m not sure if I don’t have those field types that the app will work correctly.

As I mentioned, you won’t see those lists in that dropdown. The User data type is built-in by Bubble, and the Tier and Post data types are ones that you need to create. After you have created those data types, they will show up in the dropdown but not as lists. Again, as I mentioned, you will select the data type from the dropdown and then check the list checkbox under the dropdown.

@mikeloc Thanks I got it now! I see it.

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