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How to create a dropdown for new database entry

I have added a user role data type and populated it with user role data.
Then added the user role field to user data type.

I have tried selecting “text” and “user role” as the data type with and without the checkbox for list, but in each case, when trying to add a new record, the field is not there.

Hey Robert :slight_smile: Is the User Role field within the User a list of texts? Can you share a link to the editor?

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Yes it is.

Here is the link:

Is it advisable to build an admin page for myself, or do everything in the backend editor?

For example, I’ll be adding admins to the app. (no signup). What is the best way to do this? For example, from the backend editor is it possible to sign someone up, and have them receive an email with a temporary link, which then takes them to a page where they enter a permanent password?

curious about this as well!!! trying to decide if Bubble may be the way to go when doing a site that will be dynamically populate data (repeating groups) based on the type of user that logs in, and from the back-end be able to add in users (possibly thousands) rather than have them register.

I’ve been advised that building your own backend is the way to go.

as in outside, unrelated to bubble and have them work together?

inside bubble

I fully recommend building your own admin backend. You have much more flexibility for how your own data with your own structure is managed. You’re able to create custom workflows for the data that way, display them in layouts/sorts/filtering however you want, and frankly, give yourself more space to see things. If you plan on creating and/or modifying records behind-the-scenes frequently, I think you should do all you can to help yourself.

And yes, you can “create an account for someone else” - that’s actually the action label under Account actions and then send them password reset emails to take control of the account.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


So sorry for the late response here, I just saw your replies. Since your User Role field is a list, you won’t be able to manually edit that field through the App Data view in the editor. Any “List of Things” field can only be changed using workflows. For example, the action for changing a User’s List of User Roles could be:

Data --> Make Changes to a Thing --> Thing to Change: Current User --> Field to Change: User Roles add Dropdown of User Roles’s value

As Gaby said, building an admin page would be a great way to edit that field, and create accounts for other Users. You can manually create the User Roles entries in app data and then assign them to the User on the admin page when the account is created for someone else, or later on through different workflows. Additionally, you can set up privacy roles which ensure that only Users who are Admins can view, find in searches, or modify specific data types and fields in your app.

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