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User feedback while uploading with picture uploader?

Has anyone created any kind of GUI feedback / progress bar / spinning wheel, that shows while an image is uploaded using the picture uploader?

The other guy who asked this here went for the multi file uploader. But I’d really like to use the picture uploader, because it suits my needs much better.

However, without any kind of feedback, it just takes too long for the user to understand that the image is still being uploaded, especially as I’m in Europe.

The solution mentioned elsewhere (“show icon while picture uploader has focus”) is not really working out.

Any ideas how to solve it or any examples from someone that has already done it?

I almost can’t believe that there is no huge discussion about this issue… :wink:

You can use a condition on the Picture Uploader element: “When This Picture Uploader is loading…”

One common solution is to use this condition to hide the element while picture is loading, and have another element with icon/message that is set to invisible by default, but using same condition set to be visible when the uploader element is loading:

Condition on Picture Uploader:

Condition on message element:


Thanks a lot!

I managed to place a spinning icon over the uploader-boxes.

Sorry for being so stupid… did not notice there is the condition “is loading”… :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Thank you for your previous posts, I just wanted to build on this by offering what is perhaps a slightly more parsimonious solution:

set a condition that changes the ‘default’ image of the picture uploader to an animated ‘loading’ GIF, so that as soon as the user starts uploading an image, the ‘loading’ GIF (spinning circle or whatever) will appear in the uploader box.

to do this, it’s basically three steps.

  1. create a condition that says ‘This PictureUploader is loading’ and select ‘Default’ as the thing to change (its towards the bottom of the list)

  2. then you will be prompted to enter an image to use as the ‘default’ (because of the condition, this will show up in the uploader box ONLY while the user is uploading a picture.)

for this image, you could just use an image that says ‘loading’ or whatever, or you could use a more interesting animated GIF (for instance a spinning thing). To get one of the these more interesting GIFs, you could use the following website which will allow you to create some cool, custom ‘loading’ GIFs for free. link: (a GIF is a web-friendly image that can be animated)

  1. just upload the GIF or image as the default and, you’re set :slight_smile: (LOVE BUBBLE, SO EASY!!!)

Once you’re done, it will look something like this (it says ‘static image’ even if what you’ve uploaded is an animated GIF)


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