Need to not show image in the PictureUploader

My PictureUploader is not the image handler. It shows the image for 1-2 seconds when I upload it. I want to disable it.

hide it or put something over it while it is loading

It does not help. The image shows later.

what do you want it to do? If you don’t want it to be seen after somebody has selected an image to upload, just hide it and keep it hidden or put something over it and keep it covered.

Whats your goal?

I also need helping want when I click on an I con it should upload a picture on a different page

You can’t trigger a photo upload from a different page…what are you really trying to do in the end?

Okay let’s say a user use typing, below I added an icon of a picture I want when the user clicks on it, it should open a photo upload then after choose a photo I want the image to appear on the timeline just like Facebook

need to save the image to the database so it will show on the page you want it to show on…to make the icon of a picture be a photo upload, style the uploader to be ‘invisible’ and then place it on top of the picture icon

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Thank you


  1. Create a “yes/no” state “LOADING” for the PictureUploader.
  2. Set condition: HIDE when PictureUploader is loading is “yes” OR PictureUploader’s “LOADING” is “yes”
  3. Add event “When PictureUploader value is changed”:
    a. Set state “LOADING” = “yes”.
    b. Add pause for 2 seconds.
    c. Set state “LOADING” = “no”

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