User Interface for creating e-mail flows


I am finalizing requirements related to building an application in which the end-users would have the possibility to create e-mail flows via a user interface.

This means they should be able to build a flow. For example:

  1. send e-mail A if client speaks English
  2. wait 10 days
  3. Send e-mail 2
  4. If e-mail 1 and e-mail 2 was opened then send e-mail 3

For example something like this:

Is this possible with Bubble? Or should I look into alternatives?

Thanks in advance
Kind regards

Hello @yanni_pattas

Elaborate and very possible with Bubble. :+1:

Hi Cmarchan,

Thanks for your reply.
Could you pinpoint me in the right direction into which things I should look into?

Just to be clear: it is the user of the application who should be able to create such flows in the application.


I made some like that before into bubble but is very complex, I recommend you try with using custom nodes and connect with bubble via api

The drag and drop flow builder is “easy” in my opinion. I’ve built both pure bubble and using a custom plug-in so the library (far better).

The complex part is the workflows/scheduling especially with a lot of integrations in my opinion. It’s all possible, just a challenging build.

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